Kendall Standing Seam  - Specializing in Standing Seam Roofing
About the Owner
Nick began roofing at the age of 13. He landed his first summer job working for his neighbor who owned a roofing business. From a young age, Nick knew that roofing was something he was meant to do. In 2008, he started Kendall Standing Seam.
Nick has always been driven. He started his first sugaring operation at the age of 10. He has had a passion for sugaring ever since. He has also learned how to build. In 2009 he poured the foundation for the Kendall Standing Seam Shop. He is now putting the finishing touches on the building. Nick is also an avid hunter and a wonderful family man.
Nick will be happy to answer any questions you have about the standing seam roof. He also provdies free estimates. He has a varitey of samples you can take a look at in his shop. Please contact him for more information.
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